Commemorative Chronicle Total 49 Mile Makeover Map

Back in 1938, it was easy and even enjoyable to drive 49 miles around San Francisco and take in our stunning city from behind the wheel. And so the 49 Mile Scenic Drive was born. But the route has grown tired and outdated -- and who wants to spend all that time in a car now anyway? Chronicle columnist Heather Knight and pop culture critic Peter Hartlaub have created a new and better alternative: the 49 Mile Scenic Route. It's designed to be done on bike or foot - with a bus or cable car thrown into the mix. Goodbye to the old version's emphasis on freeways, golf courses and cemeteries. And hello to the new route's charming neighborhoods, eccentric bookstores and must-visit bars and bakeries. It's big on parks, big on views and big on fun. Chart your epic journey with our one-of-a-kind 49 Mile Scenic Route map

Size: Approximately 24 inches by 17 inches flat and 8.5 inches by 4 inches folded.

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